About LSJ

LSJ Group is a leading Polish company within recruitment, selection and HR consulting. It was established in 2002 in Szczecin and since then it has supported domestic and foreign partners within the following fields:

  • employee recruitment and selection,
  • HR consulting,
  • temporary work solutions,
  • service outsourcing,
  • professional and language training.

We are effective thanks to our profound insight into the industry and markets on which we operate, as well as our professional team and fair cooperation terms with our Clients. Security of our Clients is our priority. Our professionalism has been repeatedly confirmed by references from Polish and overseas firms, as well partnerships with regional institutions and educational institutions.

We cooperate with local universities and colleges as well as business support institutions, including:

  • North Chamber of Commerce,
  • Investors and Exporters' Service Centre of the Marshall Office,
  • BVMW – The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses,
  • Students' career centre of the West Pomeranian Business School.

Each year more than 1000 candidates find a new job with our support, and a few hundred course participants improve their qualifications thanks to our professional training.

Our job offers are divided into the following departments:

  • LSJ IT – IT specialists,
  • LSJ Experts – experts, managers and specialists,
  • LSJ Engineering – engineering professionals,
  • LSJ Medica – qualified medical personnel,
  • LSJ Agencja Pracy – selected permanent and temporary jobs.

LSJ Academy – training and course organisation department:

  • technical courses,
  • interpersonal competence training,
  • language courses. 

LSJ HR Group

  • individual approach
  • goal-oriented
  • motivated by passion

Corporate Social Responsibility

We realise our corporate strategy in a socially responsible manner. With top ethical standards, we voluntarily incorporate social interest in our activity.

All expenditure for LSJ's socially responsible corporate activities is treated as investment and we systematically increase our budget for such actions.

Our everyday CSR engagement was noticed and awarded by nomination for LSJ in the prestigious Corporate Contest of the Marshal of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship 2012 in category "Corporate Social Responsibility”.

LSJ's corporate social responsibility mainly involves:

  • transparent management principles (legal, financial and social),
  • clear rules regarding employment, compensation, motivation and awarding the employees,
  • individual solutions for employees' specific needs,
  • team integration through building friendly atmosphere and organising events,
  • implementation of latest technologies,
  • staff coaching and allowing employees to participate in training and courses for development of their competences,
  • knowledge sharing – on regular basis we provide higher education institutions with non-profit training for students in order to facilitate their entering the job market (personal branding and effective job search),
  • effective actions for the sake of those in need (Animal Care Society, Small Children's Home),
  • multiple pro-environment actions.

Our mission

Profesionally and passionately we respond to the needs of our clients and we support their progress on the path towards success.

As a leading recruitment agency:

  • we believe that it is the people who build the success of every company - because of that we complete our projects with top European standards,
  • we maintain transparent work ethics,
  • we maintain personalised relations with our clients,
  • we are socially responsible (CSR).

Our history

LSJ Human Resources – Story of flexibility

2002: Language courses & assistance
LSJ is a leading Polish brand in recruitment, selection and personal consultancy. It began in Poland in 2002 as a partnership called LSJ (the acronym stands for Londyńskie Szkoły Językowe, that is “London Language Schools”). The name is a reference to the company's initial activity including the recruitment of people from Poland to language schools in Great Britain (finding new students and helping them find accommodation, work, cross the border and obtain a visa with a work permit). Later, back in Poland, LSJ started offering long and short-term courses and cooperated with 12 language schools and the business thrived until Poland entered the European Union in 2004. On opening the borders, the sales of long-term language courses plummeted and ceased to yield a profit.

2004: Polish employees
Opening of the British job market combined with their connections with the UK inspired the LSJ partners to open an employment agency. In September 2004 a new business started operating under the same name LSJ, as it was already well-known among thousands of satisfied customers. First contracts involved hotel business and production companies in Great Britain and afterwards firms from the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. In subsequent years LSJ achieved impressive results - in 2006-8 it recruited 1500 workers per year on average.

2008: Global crisis & courses
As most of its contractors, in 2008 LSJ faced a crisis – numerous employment agencies lost their contracts. LSJ resolved to look for new opportunities: the company's attention was drawn towards Polish workers looking for employment in Norway. In view of the poor command of foreign languages among Polish workers in Norway, LSJ decided to improve the situation, in cooperation with a Norwegian partner VBS CONSULT, and launched a series of professional trainings. Since 2008, thanks to this fruitful partnership, which lasts to this day, together we have trained roughly 3,000 scaffolding fitters.

2013: Recruitment & Projectis in Poland
With our significant experience on overseas recruitment markets, in view of the growing number of foreign-owned companies in Poland, combined with exceptional knowledge of domestic market, constructive relations with local authorities, colleges and business related institutions in the whole region, the issue of recruitment for the local market appeared be a perfect idea. Currently, we work for call centers, BPO, ICT, production companies, as well as small local law and medical firms. Since 2012 we have been working on two projects for the hotel business, assigned by the European Union, for a sum of over 3 million PLN. They are distinguished by the practical dimension of the educational activities offered as well as compulsory traineeship in hotels in the UK, where the knowledge gained can be implemented in practice.

Now: Effective local partner
At present we focus on developing HR, recruitment and temporary work departments. Since 2013 we have been conducting free of charge courses on effective job-hunt at universities. We cooperate with colleges from Szczecin, Wrocław and Poznań. Thanks to our activeness and high standard of service, we are highly valued among local faculties. Last year we started cooperating with West Pomeranian Investor and Exporter Assistance Center, for which we prepare reports on the regional labour market, as well as similar reports for the Industrial Park. The aim of this activity is to promote LSJ and anticipate the assistance foreign investors might need on entering local and regional job market. Last year we started cooperating with Investors and Exporters Assistance Center, for which we prepare reports on the Westpomeranian labour market. We have been preparing similar reports for the Industrial Park. The aim of this activity is to promote LSJ and reach out to foreign investors.

LSJ HR Group now

LSJ HR Group - Departments:

  • Permanent Employment
  • Temporary Work
  • Consulting - Competency research and courses
  • Language Courses
  • Recruitment Services
  • EU Projects
  • Labour Market Analysis
  • Apprenticeship: Employer-Student

Recruitment services – aimed mainly at foreign companies hiring blue collar workers - eg: recruitment of welders (around 5,000 candidates in database), mechanics (5,000), butchers (8,000), nurses and carers (5,000).

Permanent employment – offer for Polish companies: recruitment for middle- and top-level positions. The fastest growing departments are recruitment for production companies (middle-level and top management), BPO – call centers and accountants, as well as ICT – recruitment for high technology positions. Only last month we have received 10 new orders for filling 25 vacancies.

Competency research and courses – these days companies compete not only through their products, but services and image. At present the economic situation is solid and job market leans towards stable positions, therefore businesses decide to develop the potential of their staff. This generates demand for such services. Till now companies benefited from European Union funds assigned for courses, however, at this time they are no longer available, thus business training market is open again. The portfolio of our Clients is constantly growing, most rapidly by recommendations, which is extremely meaningful, as it actually proves our Clients' satisfaction. We pride on very good reputation among foreign contractors, Polish colleges and business-related institutions such as the Northern Chamber of Commerce, as well as local authorities.

We are effective – we act quickly and proactively. Each project is dealt with non-standard approach; we aim to shape the market and stay ahead of the trends. Among others, we organise profiled language training, for specific professions, adjusted to current industry needs. Besides, following the needs of our Clients, we introduce new services, among others competence testing, Assessment & Development Center, as well as business or production trainings in cooperation with valued practitioners.

We are competitive – Companies that cooperate with us do not seek other partners, moreover in competitions we compete with the largest – and we win! Large foreign recruitment agencies, including international chains with offices in Poland use our services. What attracts professionals to us is our unique know-how and top efficiency, combined with – crucial in local recruitment – very good knowledge of the market.

We are appreciated. In 2012 LSJ was nominated for the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilty) prize of the Marshal of West Pomerania, as a company concerned with social matters. In 2013 we reached a second place in a competition for the best European Union project in the field of transnational cooperation.

What's next
We never stop developing, but seek the possibilities to diversify our offer in order to fulfill our Clients' needs to the fullest possible extent. Thanks to the investment in employees, we cooperate with competent people, able to follow our vision as well as anticipate the expectations of our business partners.

Initially, we realised solely recruitment projects, but we have expanded our specialisations in the following fields:

  • recruitment in Poland,
  • international recruitment projects
  • professional services - Executive Search
  • outplacement and temporary work solutions
  • Employer Branding
  • Assessment & Development Center
  • comprehensive business training
  • production training
  • profiled, ESP language courses

We are a team of professionals who adjusts methodology to our Client's needs. We continuously perform market analyses, thanks to which we provide innovative solutions for both domestic and international market situation.